[KEEN for all kiddos]

[From todds to little kids all the way to big kids - the perfect pair for a little adventurers]

[At KEEN, we are shoemakers, and we make shoes for kids too. KEEN is known for durable and high-quality children's shoes that are built to last and can be passed down to the next generation. Our commitment to quality and sustainability has made us one of the best-selling children's sandal brands worldwide.

While you won't find KEEN children's shoes on Keenfootwear.de, you can discover them at numerous retailers across Europe. Check out their webshops below or use the Store Locator to find a nearby store.]

[about Kids Sandals]

[When it comes to children's sandals, the KEEN Seacamp sandal stands out as one of Europe's top choices. Parents love it for its toe protection and durability. Over the years, KEEN has continued to innovate, introducing new styles and colors to suit every child's preference.]

[about Closed Styles]

[For closed-toe shoes, KEEN is the go-to brand for parents who want sturdy, long-lasting footwear that protects their children's feet. Our shoes are built to withstand the rigors of play while ensuring foot safety in a sustainable way.]

This Is How We Consciously Create

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Harvest Materials

WHAT WERE YOUR SHOES BEFORE THEY WERE SHOES?We like using materials with past lives.

Source Ethically

DID YOUR BOOTS WASTE WATER? Supply chains should supply better quality & quality of life.

Detox the Planet


Make to Keep

CAN YOUR SHOES STAND THE TEST OF TIME? Longevity never goes out of fashion.