KEEN Quiz: Does Your Kid Need Open- or Closed-Toe Sandals?
KEEN Quiz: Does Your Kid Need Open- or Closed-Toe Sandals?

KEEN Quiz: Does Your Kid Need Open- or Closed-Toe Sandals?

If you’re anything like us, the minute you sense the first hint of warm weather, you’re kicking off your boots and pulling out the sunscreen, sandals, and sunglasses. But if you have kiddos to outfit for summer, chances are the sandals they wore last year no longer fit their growing feet. So which type of sandals are best for your kid this year?

We know a thing or two about sandals (our original hybrid sandal is what started it all at KEEN), and today we make a variety of both open-toe and closed-toe sandal options for kids. As parents, we’re also very familiar with the way active kids behave, which is why we put together this guide to help you decide which style is right for your young adventurer. Before loading up the camping gear or packing the beach bag, take our quiz to help determine which kids' sandals to bring along on your journey.

1. Fill in the blank: When it comes to beach play, we prefer ______.
a) rocky river banks
b) sandy ocean beaches

2. Choose the word that best describes your kid’s feet.
a) cold (We’re talking socks and sandals.)
b) hot hot hot!

3. What is your kiddo’s favorite thing about summer?
a) summer camp!
b) reading outside in the hammock

4. If you had to describe your kid’s favorite thing about camping (besides S’mores), what would it be?
a) going for a hike
b) looking at insects, mushrooms, and leaves

5. What does an average summer day for your child include?
a) running around the woodchipp-covered playground, joining a quick game of soccer with the neighbors, and ice cream
b) playing tag in the grassy backyard, collecting flowers to make pressed flower artwork, and ice cream

6. Fill in the blank: In warm weather you can find us ______.
a) riding bikes with friends
b) swimming at the lake

7. Pick the statement that best describes how your kid feels about wearing sandals.
a) “Sandals!? I’d rather be wearing sneakers.”
b) “Sandals!? I’d rather go barefoot.”


If you answered mostly “a,” your kid should rock a pair of closed-toe sandals.

From jumping around on rocks at the river to running up and down a root-filled hiking trail, your kid could use some added toe protection. Our closed-toe sandals are designed with a durable rubber toe bumper so kids can run, jump, and explore without the risk of stubbing their toes. Because they’re still sandals, each style also has plenty of venting to help feet stay cool in warm temperatures.

Looking for a pair that’s great for summer camp, the water park, or anywhere that requires closed-toe footwear (like ziplining)? Our collection of bestselling kids’ Newport sandals protect little feet and provide the comfort and grip kids need for long days of exploration and play.

We make a closed-toe sandal for every big kid, little kid, or toddler out there. Check them out here.

If you answered mostly “b,” your kid might love some open-toe sandals.

Whether your kiddo has feet that run hot or they just don’t need the heavy-duty protection of a toe bumper, they’ll love feeling the breeze on their toes in our open-toe sandals. Ideal for outdoor art camp, spending time on the boat, or exploring around the campsite, each style we make is lightweight, supportive, and quick-drying, ensuring feet stay comfy throughout the day.

Our Knotch Creek open-toe sandals are simple to get on and off, so kids can easily enjoy the feeling of warm, sandy beaches and soft grass on their feet. When it comes to swimming, the open-toe design allows water to flow freely without weighing kids down as they kick and flip.

Check out our full collection of open-toe sandals for big kids, little kids, and toddlers.

After a winter spent wearing cozy boots, we’re ready for some sunny sandal weather!kids playing at the beach

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