KEEN Quiz: Which Type of Sandal Are You?
KEEN Quiz: Which Type of Sandal Are You?

KEEN Quiz: Which Type of Sandal Are You?

Open-toe or closed-toe? Backstrap or slide? With summer just around the corner, here at KEEN, we’re getting pretty excited about sandal weather. But when it comes to which pair to choose, it’s about more than just comfy sandals for sunny days and outdoor adventures. Picking the right ones involves checking in with you-know-who — your feet. Take our quiz to find out which sandal type is juuuust right for you and your tootsies.

1. It’s a beautiful day outside. How are you going to enjoy it?

a. Picnic in the park or check out that secret river spot. Anything where I can feel some sunshine on my toes!

b. My backpack is packed, and I am going for a hike to a swimming hole.

c. Warm, sandy beach, here I come!

d. Our sunny-day schedule is jam-packed. First, we’re going to go to the new water park. Next, we have some errands to run. Then, we’re gonna kick back and project a movie in the backyard.

e. I like to let the day come to me. Maybe meet a friend at the creek? Maybe take the dog for a nice long walk? Maybe both? I’m open to anything.

2. When it comes to toes, how would you describe your toe philosophy? (Yes it’s a thing.)

a. When warm weather finally comes around, my toes are ready for the spotlight! They like to be the center of attention when the sun is shining.

b. I like to keep my toes to myself. Also, sometimes they get cold.

c. My toes like to be all out there. In fact, so do the rest of my feet. If it weren’t for “No shirt, no shoes, no service,” I’d probably never wear shoes at all.

d. What’s all this talk about toes? I’m more concerned with my heels. Sometimes they want to be free but other times they like to be nice and secure. Having options is how I like to roll.

e. To me, toes are just… toes. What’s the big deal?

3. Okay. Now imagine you're not shopping for sandals, you're shopping for a car. Which one do you want?

a. I’d have to say a legendary 4x4 with a soft top. Something where I can really feel the wind but still feel protected.

b. I need a rugged all-terrain vehicle. Something that can take on anything.

c. Convertible baby! When the sun is shining and the top is down, I’m in my happy place.

d. As long as it’s practical, that’s the car for me.

e. Something totally unique! Whatever’s new and fresh, that’s the vehicle I want.

4. Pick your favorite combination:

a. Sandals with a breeze

b. Sandals and adventure

c. Swimwear and sandals

d. Sandals with everything

e. Sandals with style!

5. Fill in the blank: The most important thing I look for in a sandal is _______.

a. Airflow. I need a sandal that lets my toes feel the breeze.

b. Toe protection. Hiking, exploring, moving the patio umbrella — safe toes are key.

c. Easy on. Easy off. I want shoes that I can just slide into and kick right off.

d. Versatility. Sometimes I need a sandal for a long walk. Other times I just need a sandal to throw on to take the recycling out.

e. Something unexpected! I like sandals with a cool look (but still plenty of practicality).

Tie Dye sandals for the whole fam



If you answered mostly “a,” you’re an Open-Toe Freedomist.
You love to feel the fresh air on your toes, and you don’t mind being complimented on your summer-ready toesies. But you also love a heel strap, so you can get out there and enjoy the warm weather without fear of your sandal flying off. Our bestselling women’s Elle Backstrap sandal keeps feet supported and feeling good thanks to stretchy straps made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles and a super-comfy midsole. Take it from our KEEN fan Brenda who writes, “The switch over from steel-toed boots to fun summer sandals is usually painful and blistery but no pain and no blisters. Truly comfy and soft.”

Or maybe you’re after a sandal with a bit more traction? Check out our women’s Astoria West open-toe sandal, or our men’s Targhee III Open-Toe sandal. Both have grippy rubber outsoles and comfy, adjustable straps to keep feet happy no matter the adventure.

If you answered mostly “b,” you’re definitely a Closed-Toe Protector.
You prefer a pair of supportive sandals that keep toes nice and safe so you can live your life free of stubbed toes. KEEN fan John calls the Newport H2 sandal his summer favorite. Why? “I wear these all summer long. Yard work, hiking, driving. Comfortable and cool with added toe protection.” Great for camping, biking, or a day at the river, they have easy-to-adjust bungee laces and a grippy rubber outsole. No wonder they’re one of our bestsellers! Plus, they come in sizes for men, women, and kids, so everyone in the family can have happy toes.

For those rafting, SUPing, fishing, and kayaking adventures, have a look at our women’s and men’s Drift Creek sandal. Super-grippy on wet surfaces, low-profile outsole for balance and ground feel, quick-drying, and machine washable, they’re an ideal closed-toe option for those wet and drippy summer days.

A person standing on a paddleboard

If you answered mostly “c,” you’re most likely a Keep It Casual Slider.
Easy to slide into and easy to kick off at the end of the day, slides ooze summer vibes. Two of our all-time favorites are the Yogui and Shanti. Part sandal, part clog, and totally original. They're super light and easy to hose off after gardening, and they make great camp slides.


If you answered mostly “d,” you’re probably an Equal Ankle Rights Advocator.
Sometimes you need a backstrap. Sometimes you don’t. Can’t decide? You don’t have to with the men’s Rapids H2 sandal or women's Ravine H2 sandal. An easy-to-remove backstrap lets you wear this comfy, bungee-adjustable pair as slides or full-on adventure sandals. KEEN fan Julie writes, “SO COMFORTABLE! I love how adjustable these KEEN Ravine sandals are! My feet can swell and other sandals I have purchased get too tight. These sandals are great for walking, going in the water, keeping secure footing on the trails, and just all-around wear! And I absolutely love the eco anti-odor feature!” One and done.

If you answered mostly “e,” you could be what we like to call a Sandal Wildcard. When it comes to sandals, you want something that stands out. You don’t like to be defined or boxed in, and your sandal choice is a reflection of that attitude. With an innovative, free-moving two-cord design and lightweight midsole, the women’s and men’s UNEEK sandals are as comfortable as they are good-looking. But don’t just take our word for it, KEEN fan Noodle says, “I absolutely love these sandals/shoes/ropey things. They might look a little weird at first, but I actually think they look good with nearly anything. Extremely comfortable from right out of the box, and they've only gotten better. I wear them hiking, around town, and even to work. Everything about them is great.”

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