Cleaner Shoes for a Better Planet

We’re on a mission to make the world’s cleanest shoes. We’ve been on this journey since we started. We call it Consciously Created.

This is how we Consciously Create

Harvest Materials

We harvest waste to make new shoes.

Source Ethically

DID YOUR BOOTS WASTE WATER? We care about the communities that make our goods.

Detox the Planet

We're removing harmful chemicals from our shoes.

Make to Keep

CAN YOUR SHOES STAND THE TEST OF TIME? Longevity never goes out of fashion.

01 Harvest Materials

We try to take less from the planet by harvesting waste and upcycling it into comfortable KEEN footwear. Fewer resources, less garbage.

Sneakers made with plant-based soles
Upcycling Garbage
Using recycled plastic in the webbing of KEEN SOLR sandals
Shoes From Plastic Waste
A person's feet in the air
KEEN-parison: Shoes Made With Recycled Materials

02 Source Ethically

We’ve put people and the planet first from the start. Creating a lighter footprint and a safer environment for all involves every step in the shoemaking process.

Supply Chain Transparency
Better Leather. Cleaner Water.
Better Leather. Cleaner Water.
FAQ: Is KEEN’s Wool Ethically Sourced?
FAQ: Is KEEN’s Wool Ethically Sourced?

03 Detox The Planet

We’ve been PFAS-free since 2018, but eliminating these “forever chemicals” was just the start. Our goal is simple: Create footwear that is free of all toxic chemicals.

Join Us. Go PFAS Free.
Join Us. Go PFAS Free.
Detox Journey: Solving Solvents
Detox Journey: Solving Solvents
Chemicals We Avoid
Chemicals We Avoid

04 Make To Keep

As shoemakers, we’ve always believed that the more durable, comfortable, and versatile a shoe is, the less you’ll need to replace it. Good for you, good for the planet.

KEEN's new hiking innovation that makes hiking feel easier: KEEN.BELLOWS FLEX
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